Support for Non-Chinese Speaking (NCS) Students

Our school respect different
cultures and cherish the diversity. We offer sufficient supports to non-Chinese
speaking children in order to help them enjoy a happy and fruitful school life.


Admission support

Our school provides parents of NCS
students with Chinese and English versions of the admission application form.
Also, parents are welcome to be accompanied by relatives or friends who
understand Chinese to translate for the applicant.


Teaching support

Some of our kindergarten teachers
have received professional training in teaching NCS students. They can give
professional supports to students and families in need.


Social work support

Our school has participated in the
On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services and Pilot Scheme on Social Work
Service for Pre-primary Institutions organised by the Social Welfare
Department. If necessary, our school social worker can provide assistance.


Other support

EDB hotlines: 2892 6676 or visit the website: Support to parents and students ( 


Please contact 2669 4315 to the Vice Principal, Ms. Li, by telephone or email ([email protected]) for English enquiries about our school information.