Supporting service for Kids

Service Name:

Tung Wah Group of Health ‘Sunshine Kids’ – On-site Pre-school Rehabilitation Services

Service Date:

Since October 2018


a)To provide on-site early intervention for children aged 2-6 with special needs; and

b)To enhance the learning and development through supporting their caregivers and schools.

Service Recipients:

a)Child being placed on the waitlist at the Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services of the Social Welfare Department (SWD) (Need to be confirmed as a regular service target by SWD)

b)Child who has left the waitlist at the Subvented Pre-school Rehabilitation Services of SWD and is currently attending services of ‘Early Education and Training Centre’ and ‘Training Subsidy Programme’; and

c)Child registered and waiting for assessments by the Child Assessment Centre (Not exceed 10% of the team’s service capacity)

Services include︰

a)For children

i)Through trans-disciplinary collaboration, the team of professionals will conduct comprehensive development assessments and design individualised education plans for children.

ii)Individual or group on-site training will be conducted by special child care workers and therapists. Some of the training will be conducted in the supporting training centres under Tung Wa Group of Hospitals when necessary.

iii)The professional team will prescribe home-based activities for parents/carers to continue the training at home so as to consolidate children’s learning at school.


b)For parents

i)Help parents understand their children’s needs and unleash their potentials through counselling, talks and workshops.

ii)Provide suitable home training consultation services regularly based on parents’ needs.

iii)Arrange face-to-face counselling services for parents to discuss the development progress of their children and provide parents with an “individual training programme” written report.